“I am in total awe. I started this course cynical as a lawyer from New York, and from  the very first session it has changed my life in ways that I could not even imagined before. I am happier and much more in touch with myself.”
~ Jim L. (Originally joined because of his fiancé) 
“I have been meditating & practicing numerous spiritual courses, workshops and training for over 2 decades, but have never experienced anything like this. This is the most powerful trans-formation I have ever experienced, and I am so much more connected, happy & at peace.”
~ Brian D. (CPA & very busy)
“I feel so much more connected with God and myself, I get excited and blissful about life and feel so much more love and compassion; I almost didn´t take the course because I was so busy, but I am SO glad I did.”
~ Christine A. (Marketing Executive)
“My meditations are incredible and my zest for life has returned. I feel truly blessed.”
~ Scott Cahoy (Costa Rica) 
“Yesterday, I was deeper in meditation than I ever have been.  WOW…I am in a state of metamorphosis, The way I see the world we live in and how I handle day to day tasks have changed. The benefits have been wonderful.”
~ Ann Koopman, WA

Self Realization Course

Conducted live with Sai Steven S. Sadleir

The Great Awakening Has Begun


STEP 1: The FREE Zoom Live Call

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

9:00 am Pacific, Noon Eastern

To register with Zoom CLICK HERE 

You can experience the practice first hand and ask questions of Swamiji directly


STEP 2: The 12 Week Master Training


The next Self Realization Course will begin the following Saturday

October 2nd, and runs for 1 hour plus Q&A, for 12 weeks (Saturdays)

The Tuition is $1,500 and space is limited

To reserve your spot just CLICK HERE

We can also make other financial arrangements and offer group discounts.


The Self Realization Course is a 12 week advanced intensive training in Shaktipat, Jhana, Dhyana and Kundalini meditation with Steven S. Sadleir, founder of the Self Awareness Institute. Everything is energy, the Life Force or Spirit within you IS you. To realize the true nature of your Self, to realize God, to find true happiness and peace in live in grace, you have only to go within and connect - it’s making your heart beat right now. It’s guiding you to read this.
Steven teaches you how to tune into first your own life force or spiritual energy and consciousness, and then how to develop it - to raise your calibrated level of consciousness to Samadhi and experience, first, the blissful states, then beyond to full realization. You have only to connect with this Shakti within you, and Steven has shown thousands over the phone! Because we are all connected in and by spirit, it does not matter where your physical body is, when you sit at home and call in, or Skype in, you can naturally tune in.
Similar to how the antenna in your cell phone or car radio picks up invisibles transmissions, when you are on the class calls with Steven you will pick up an energy transmission - Shaktipat - and your body will begin to attune, register with this signal, and gradually move into these higher blissful states. Here the answers come - from within you. Love, peace and joy, come up like a sprinkler of light.
Each week to attune to a higher level, you can actually feel your energy shifting and peace bubbling up from within. During the week you can further this feeling and learn to tune in while not on a call by playing one of the many meditations or satsangs (class calls). So meditation is easy, you just listen and be guided until you want to just sit in silence. You will want to sit, it feels so good. Shaktipat gives you a natural high or bliss.
In addition to the weekly calls, you will also receive via email a Precept or lesson that’s just a few pages in a PDF file, so you can download and read about what you are experiencing. The whole science of the Self is explained. Plus you are given a new tool each week, so by the end of the 12 weeks you have a whole “meditation tool kit” to help you deal with real life situations. You will learn to take control of your mind, emotions and behaviors, and a shift from negativity to positivity naturally occurs as you practice.
Completion of the Self Realization Course “graduates” the students to advanced courses and trainings. At the end of the 12 weeks you can’t help but feel a transformative shift in your life. Even if you’ve been meditating for years, the exchange of spiritual energy with Steven will build up your own, like having a personal trainer for higher consciousness and making your “aura” bigger and you spiritually stronger. You start glowing. But you have to be ready, and committed.
Each course is conducted in a small group so each individual can get personal attention and he benefit of a class environment. Everyone in rapid acceleration helps everyone, and the more personalized instruction enables you to make breakthroughs. The tuition for this three months course is $1,500. Spouses included.
​If you have any questions or would like to pay in full or by other means email ​If you have any questions or would like to pay in full or by other means email [email protected]  You  You can also call Bev at 949-355-3249, but she may have to call you back so email typically works best.
​To learn more about Steven read his biography by clicking here
To see even more testimonials click here.



Enlightenment of the Consciousness

“Thank you both for helping me to create such profound peace, love and change in my life. Your gift of yourself and your teachings are a blessing to all you touch.
“The retreat was wonderful. I look forward to growing and learning with you and of course seeing you in October.”
Blessings and love,
Debbie Tray
MayaTalum Mexico June 2008
“Since I started your 12 week course, my life continues to become even more magical and wondrous. My healing work, seminars, and overall abundance have greatly increased and so have my abilities to help people. I want to thank you for being there to teach, guide and “amp up the joy factor” for me.”
Beth Milton, CA
Self Realization Course 2008
“I loved your talk, last night, on the Ancient Wisdom. I felt myself nodding in agreement with many of the statements you made, as if I knew this at a deeper level and you were reminding me of these truths. Many of the things you shared resonated with me at such a deep level… Thank you for your love and your insights and sharing so freely.”
Lynda Bancroft, Canada
Looking For God Lecture Series: Ancient Wisdom 2008
“Oh my Gosh!!  I am doing — Being better than I ever have before. Every day is just like my birthday, literally or Christmas. I am LOVING life and the more I meditate the better it gets!  The better it gets, the better it gets, the better it gets. Full of love… thank you for your love and guidance, you are a miracle in my life… Blessings and love to you!!”
Lisa Mirante
Post Self Realization Course
“My meditation has never been so good. Shakti usually came in from crown and 3rd eye very strong, thick, and peaceful. I can stay in a meditated state during the day.”
~ Chairon Chow, NJ
“Thank you so much for the meditation experience on Thursday night, I am so relaxed after each experience and I am beginning to see and feel clarity in the activities of my day. Thanks again.”
~ Katie, IL
“I continue to meditate an hour a day. It keeps me grounded and in peace. I am enjoying your Sunday calls in the Graduate Program…”
~ Jaqueline Witt, CA
“I have had an amazing shift in my life since beginning to use your meditations. I have recommended them to my friends. I have been newly diagnosed with chronic Lyme and the pain and fatigue I had is no longer present. I truly feel joy. I’m joyful that I have connected with you.”
~ Blessings, Ann
“The transformation that has occurred in me the last few months is unbelievable.  From habits that have naturally shifted to implementing new things that I never thought possible. Not only within me but the way that I have affected other people is amazing.  My mom is reading your Self Realization book and she is totally getting into it too.  I’m connecting with her at a new level and that is doing wonders for our relationship. Honored to be involved with you!”
~ Alex Herrera, CA
“Thank you for Sunday morning’s Graduate telephone class. Every time I’m discouraged that I’ll never ‘GET this’, you come to me with such wise teachings that I can’t help but come away with deeper understanding and trust that I am making progress, despite my fears and feelings of being a wimp at times. I am so grateful to you for the Shaktipat that you shower out to the world which graces my Being. May you receive a Universe full of blessings and love”
~ Beverly, Colorado