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The Rapture 

Guided Healing

Beauty & The Beast

2020-21 Astrological Reading 

Mastery Over Your Mind

How to Evolve Consciousness

Building up your Life Force Energy

Personal Sharing 

Self Realization

Apertures of Awareness 

Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Mirabai & Me

Re-alignment and attunement to joy

Kundalini Pranayama Meditation

Be Powerful 

3rd Eye & Crown Meditation

Owner-User Manual for Your Mind

Brain Hacking 

What is Happening to this World Right Now

The Great Awakening 

Mind Mastery Meditation

Energy Expansion Meditation 

Guided Healing Meditation - Immune System Boost

How to Control Your Mind

Why are you here? 

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Becoming a Fully Sentient Being

Shivabalayogi Maharaj 

How to be Happy

The Living Tao

Your Own AI

Your God Jacket

Ancient Mysteries 



The Lost Teachings of Jesus


Hermes - The Thrice Great 

This Dr. explains the science of vaccines better than I, please listen. 

Krishna’s Meditation 

Space Trucking 

Here is a video of the universe for a visual

Surfing Cosmic Waves of Love

Crown Chakra

The Enlightenment Has Begun 

Taking an Astral Journey

The New Super Beings 

Vethathiri Maharishi 

How Nature Speaks to Us

The Interconnected Wholeness of Being

All Hallows Eve 

The Journey

The Power of Energy 

Connecting with Source 

What Makes Your Mind

The Mind Gym

Step Back Into Your Self 

Know Thy Self 

Here is a video that is a must watch

Heart Meditation

How to Be Happy

Floating in Fullness

The Divine Feminine 

Love Poems 

The Fulfillment of Prophesy 

The Secret About The World & It’s Races

Innate Intelligence & Higher Consciousness

A Journey Within Your Own Being

Kundalini - Your Spirit Energy 

East vs. West 

Healing Meditation 


Gurudev Amrit Desai

Overcoming Evil 

The Awakening 3

The Awakening 2

The Awakening

Love Poems

Inner & outer worlds

SKY Simplified Yoga Exercises in English 

The Awakening

Declaring Freedom

Space Out 

Autobiography of a Yogi

The Key to Meditation

The Gurus

The Father

Free Your Mind

Natural Health Facebook Page

Shiva Ritual Worship

Video on Cannibis (since it came up in class)

Holy Smoke

Mind Journey 

Guided Healing Meditation

The Divine Mother

The Spiritual Warrior 

Kundalini Meditation 

The End Game

Aquarian Cosmic Journey

Easter Meditation 

Transcending the Mind

The Angel Meditation 

Cellular Discourse

Psychedelic Carpet Ride

The Game of Life

The Evolution of You

Your Enlightenment 

Making the Movie of Your Life

Mind Expansion Meditation 

Advanced Kundalini Meditation 

Shaktipat Guided Meditation 

Spiritual Safari 

Cosmic Mind Dance Meditation

A Transcendental Meditation 

Enlightened Africa 

Expanding Consciousness

Be Prepared - How to Survive Crazy

How the Angels Created Man 

The Annunaki & You


The Truth About History 

What is Enlightenment?

Healing Meditation 


Hermetica 2

The Hermetica

The Lost Teachings of Jesus