What if a small Cabal of powerful elites had taken over the world’s governments through the banking system, and ultimately controlled world governments, commerce and industry, through their private control of the central banks (BIS) and world money supply, with their ownership being secretly held in off shore trusts and holding companies? And what if they were working to instate a new global government, one without democratic representation and governance, but rather representation by sycophants who represent only the interests of this 1%? To know what they think, you have only to read their own publications, such as, The Council on Foreign Relations, and learn about the Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission and what the “Deep State is. What if all our government representatives and courts were bought off and beholding to this Cartel? What if it were true? Even a little?

What if they had mastered state mind control, and could manufacture consent within the populations through their direct control of the media (e.g. Mockingbird), and use of propaganda, public relations and MK-Ultra mind control (now declassified, in part). What if the entire global media, including UPI and Reuters, were controlled by a cartel which is a part of a global intelligence network that was originally known as Five Eyes (The Allies in WWII), which is not currently accountable to any government or democratic institution, but rather is a platform of the Deep State? What if one cartel, like Clear Channel, controlled most of the radio stations, and what if the same cartel controls print media, in fact, all media? What if our favorite News Anchor’s and Show Hosts, were getting sponsorship from CIA covers like The Heritage Foundation, and were all spinning propaganda for the Deep State? What if they were all getting into your head and manipulating what you think? What if they affected your mind so you didn’t care?

What if the development of the fiber optics for the world wide web, the entire internet infrastructure and technology was developed by and for DARPA (US Department of Defense) along with SRI (Stanford Research Institute/CIA) – including: Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and most other platforms, as a part of a counterintelligence network and is, in fact, a weapon to be used against the population? This is all well documented. What if both smart phones and 5G were used to watch and control people, change behavior and moods at will, sterilize humans, disorient and even kill someone? All of these technologies currently exist. What if “Big Brother” really was watching our every move, and trying to manipulate what and how we think? What if they could, and are, controlling our minds?

What if they really were going to depopulate most of the world? What if they really could do it through vaccinations, weather or war? What if there really was a danger in what is being sprayed in those chem trails that our government denied using for decades but now claims will help deflect the Sun’s rays and help us with global warming (CIA post)? What if the mercury and aluminum in all the vaccinations was a way of poisoning the population, as well as giving us live diseases that could actually kill us? What if genetically modified food was meant to kill us, or the fluoride in our water to drug us? And what if, in an attempt to get the oil from Iran, we enter into yet another World War in the Middle East that spreads globally and was nuclear? Four Star General Wesley Clark tells the public over the air that Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran were all planned before 911, and even suggests that the World Trade Tower disaster was a CIA False Flag Operation (inside job) used to incite the US population to send troops to first Afghanistan and then Iraq, so we could control the oil. What if an Elite really were leading us into yet another World War, Depopulation or Global Conquest? Is it a possibility? Can we afford not to think about it? The solution is simply for the world to wake up, so please pass this on.

May the whole world live in peace, Steven S. Sadleir