Just look around! There is an awakening occurring within the collective consciousness of humanity. From within the chaos lies a small, but rapidly growing segment of the population that is becoming more consciousness, and is enlightening. If you are reading this, then you are amongst the few who have already begun this evolutionary shift. Welcome home. Now, how to develop this inner connection and evolve this innate intelligence from within? Let me show you the way.

There are many paths to enlightenment, but they all lead back to yourself. I have been fortunate to have studied with many of the world’s leading masters, and am trained in the classic paths to enlightenment, and am dedicated to teaching others. Some of the paths that I have trained in and would like to share with you are: 1) Kriya yoga, under the lineage of Chuni Lal Lahiri, the great-grandson of Lahiri Mahasai, the founder of Kriya yoga. 2) Kundalini Meditation, under the tutorship of the great Siddha Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi, with whom I founded the Self Awareness Institute, and from whom these powerful practices were derived and changed the lives of millions of people. 3) Shaktipat-Dhyana-Diksha, under the guidance of the Arch Yogi Sri Shivabalayogi, with whom I did my yoga tapas training – sitting over 23 hours a day in meditation for weeks on end. By request, I’ll be making it a Meditation & Mindfulness teacher training certification (Level 1). Great for yoga teachers, healers and anyone wanting to take their meditation up to a new level.

All of these tools I will share with you in Sedona during our four-day retreat. Whether you just want to learn meditation or take your meditation into blissful states, this retreat is for you. You are essentially getting the most powerful practices from the most established lineages of yoga designed for enlightenment. Just being in the room together will cause your spirit to light up to the point you will start getting a natural high from it. This energy from the guru is the key to going deeper and into higher states. If you are sincere in seeking enlightenment, then this retreat is for you.

In addition to meditations, introspection talks (Satsang’s), and healing circles there will be time for hikes along the energy vortex’s and mesas of beautiful Sedona, and the company of other highly evolved, conscious, and loving people. I’ve been leading retreats for over 30 years and have seen so many miracles and major transformations. If you are ready, then now is your time. We are creating the space for your spirit to come out and shine. Come join us over Memorial Day weekend and make it a weekend you’ll never forget.

From the heart, Swamiji

For more info on this retreat call Kassandra 949-355-3249 or [email protected]