The World Trade Center

The world Trade Center in New York City was the brain child of the Rockefellers. While David Rockefeller was workings as Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank and his brother Nelson was governor of the state of New York they created in 1959 the Downtown Lower Manhattan Association to promote the idea of a world trade and finance center in New York City. In January of 1960 David Rockefeller presented a plan for a world trade center along the East River of Manhattan, and a Port Authority is created by them to study the plan. In 1964 the Port Authority unveils plans for the World Trade Center and to build the tallest buildings in the world. In 1966 construction begins and in 1976 the Windows of the World restaurant on the top of the World Trade Center opens. By 2001 the buildings, seven in all, are in much need of upgrades and repairs and a giant liability is created due to the presence of asbestos in the buildings which would make demolishing them more expensive than they are worth. On several occasions the Port Authority attempted to get permits to demolish the World Trade Center but were refused because of the danger of asbestos contaminating the surrounding areas.

Six months prior to 911 Larry Silverstein, along with Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre, purchased the lease for the building at a price that did not include the costs of repairs or asbestos removal, and added a clause to their insurance policy protecting the property from terrorist acts and then reinsuring the property for even more, to insure a financial gain, should the buildings be destroyed. All this is important to know prior to the destruction of the World Trade Towers.

On September 11th, 2001 several skyscrapers in the World Trade Center, a total of seven, came crashing down- numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. The US military headquarters known as the Pentagon was also hit, by what was believed to be another hijacked jetliner, and yet another plane was said to crashed or have been brought down in Pennsylvania. Thousands died. Our first views of this incident showed buildings 1 and then 2 being hit by a jet airliner, hitting each tower just minutes apart. But the facts indicate clearly that those buildings did not come down because of any object hitting the upper floors, but from a planned demolition. They had all been rigged for demolition months before the attack. The fact that these facts are continuously ignored, denied or obfuscated indicate that there are forces trying to conceal the facts. Obviously, it is incumbent upon every citizen to know the facts and learn from them so we don’t make the same mistake again.

Starting with Building Number 7 of the World Trade Tower, for it is the most telling. Building 7 was not hit by any airliner. The fires appear to have been set internally. It was the New York headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency and held the records that would implicate the CIA in past illegal activities. It was also the New York home of the Secret Service, and several other government agencies. We have on recorded video firemen at Bldg. #7 saying to each other “Did you hear that? Keep your eye on that building. It will be coming down soon.” And “the building is about to blow up. Must move back.” And “we are walking back, the building is about to blow up.” And “were going to pull it”. Paramedic Indira Singh a first responder to Building 7 said the Fire Department said “We’re going to have to bring it down.” It was clear, the building was going to be blown up and brought down through demolition charges, and you don’t set demolition charges in an already burning building. They were set months previously.

A medical student, named Daryl who was standing there when it blew up said: “It sounded like a clap of thunder. It looked like a shock wave ripping through the building and all the windows all blasted out.” This is describing a controlled demolition. We have film footage clearly showing the controlled collapse of the building. Furthermore, it’s not denied that the building collapsed via demolitions but nobody will talk about how and when those demolition charges were used either. The case is closed, and most of the evidence destroyed.

Michael Hess, corporate council for the City of New York, whose was inside building 7 on 911 as it was burning told reporters he scrambled downstairs after feeling and hearing a large explosion and “I looked around and the lobby was gone. It looked like Hell.” So charges were going off below them in the lobby. Barry Jennings, who was with Michael, also went down to the lobby and states to reporters: “We started walking down the eighth floor. A big explosion blew us back to the eighth floor.” So a second witness confirms that there were explosions from below. One of the first responders was caught by a film crew saying (about Bldg. 7) “It’s blowing boy…keep your eye on that building. It will be coming down soon. A witness on the street who witnessed it said: “I was standing like two blocks away and all of a sudden I just seen a big flash and then I’ve seen the building come down.” Just like a controlled demolition.

Kevin Mc Fadden, a first responder said “We heard a series of explosions before the building came down.” Radio 1010 WINS AM NY described it as a controlled demolition. Channel 5 said it looks like they used dynamite to bring it down. The government’s study called the NIST report claimed that building #7, which was not hit by a plane or flying object, but rather from “fires inside the building” and that the “fires fueled by office furnishings.” They go on to say “it did not collapse from the explosives” but when later questioned stated that they “did not test for explosives.” Later we learned that, in fact, it did come down from explosives. So NIST lied, they obstructed justice by refusing evidence being provided to them and providing evidence they had to the 911 Commission or the public. So we can’t rely on the government reports or the government to provide the truth. We are the ones who have to become accountable for the truth.

According to Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth the World Trade Towers collapsed as the result of a controlled demolition that had been planned months in advance. Fifteen hundred of the world’s best architects of skyscrapers, structural engineers, metallurgists, demolition experts, chemical engineers and professors of physics who witnessed the collapse and studied the evidence came together and unanimously agreed that not only did World Trade Tower #7 come down from a controlled demolition, but so did all the world trade towers. The conclusion of those best in this field who should know is that regardless of a plane or any other object hitting the trade towers, what brought those structures down was explosions on all the floors in a very precise and controlled way – they were professionally demolished. This is not a matter of a few terrorists in high jacked airliners, it’s a military coup.


The Twin Towers

Similar reports came from dozens New York Police, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and Fire Department units that reported seeing and hearing explosions on the other floors. They heard explosions in the basement, and on other levels of Towers 1 & 2 minutes before the top floors came crashing down. The first major news networks even commented that they could see smoke coming up from the basement before the building came down while live on television. Many television anchors even stated that it looked as if the building were being demolished, closing in from the inside like a planned demolition. One group of NY City firefighters who were there said that they saw and heard a whole series of explosions going off just before the building came down: “boom, boom, boom, boom, boom”. As he is making hand gestures indicating the explosions we going down the building sequentially like they do in a controlled demolition. All these reports stopped by the end of the day as the news reporting changed. The news was being carefully managed, spun to rush to the conclusion that a Middle Eastern terrorist was responsible, first Osama bin Laden then Saddam Hussain.

Louie Cacchioli NYFD Engine 47 stated “We were the first ones in the second tower after the planes struck. We think there were bombs in the building. We heard bombs going off.” These men were sure it was a controlled demolition. It was obvious to many who were there, but they were silenced. Rick Sanchez of MSNBC reported live “reports of other bombs or explosions going off besides those from the planes”. The first responders sited explosions in the basements of the world trade towers, and a series of explosions that rocked the whole building. Dozens of Fire Department, Emergency Medical and Police officers reported demolition explosions in the basement and lobby, but these reports were deliberately omitted as evidence or consideration in the investigation. This is not poor reporting or investigating, it’s a deliberate attempt to keep the public from knowing the truth.

The first images of Ground Zero show the remains of steel beams that had been cut with precision, but in the exact way steel beams are cut in demolitions. But that evidence was quickly whisked away. Not only were the steel beams cut exactly along the lines used for demolition, but copious amounts of nano-thermite was discovered at ground zero as well. Several different scientists independently took samples from Ground Zero and came to the same conclusion: thermite was used in the demolition. The government NIST report came to other conclusions without showing the evidence and never did explain how those towers came down, and they ignored clear evidence to the contrary that was provided to them. Close ups of the towers before their collapse clearly indicate where demolition charges were going off allowing for a total freefall collapse that would not have been possible otherwise. This is the opinion of the world’s experts.

When NIST was asked for the evidence, they responded “We are…withholding 3,370 files…the release of these data might jeopardize ‘public safety’.” How is knowing how a building comes down going to jeopardize public safety? There is clearly a cover up. Evidence from ground zero was taken away and destroyed before FEMA investigators could get there. They willfully destroyed the evidence. Clearly, the public was not supposed to know what really happened. The amount of information available but kept from the public is astounding. And the media refuses to cover it despite the public’s clear curiosity and demand to know; the media has been silenced. But it’s online, on record, videos tell parts of this story. Close ups of video capturing the world trade towers just before they came down indicate that sequential explosions occurred running down the building. All the support members have to be broken for the building to collapse upon itself like it did. This is the conclusion of all the professionals around the world, but this is not what is shown or explained to us on the network news.

Mr. Silverstein is also on record as saying, and agreeing later to having said, (regarding Building #7) that they had to “pull” the building down, which means blow it up or demolish it. So we know building #7 was a planned demolition. Demolitions take months to plan, and to carefully place the charges in the right places. They were not placing the charges in a building already burning, there was foresight. Would it really be a coincidence that a planned demolition was scheduled for World Trade Center #7 and #6, but not for #1 & #2? We have evidence of demolition charges in each of the seven buildings in the complex, but the government reports and media reporters refuse to talk about the other buildings.

There was no evidence of plane wreckage. Sitting on a street around ground zero was found one plane engine. However, upon inspection it turned out to be an engine from another type of aircraft, not the ones that supposedly hit those towers, and apparently it had been buried in the ground and was rusting so could not have been the engine from an aircraft that flew into the building. Pretty poorly planted evidence, but good evidence of a cover up and an inside job. So, this cover up leads to a much bigger government conspiracy since it’s the government that is covering up or falsifying the information, and also keeping it from getting into the public hands. Who controls the media? Why wouldn’t the media cover what appears to be evidence? All this information is in the public domain. The reason we don’t see it on the news is because the media is owned and controlled by the same Shadow Government that is behind these acts. The information is controlled, the news is propaganda, and we’ve been deceived.


Analysis of the World Trade Towers

World Trade Center Building 1 exploded between floors 94-99, which just happened to have been demolished, upgraded, refurbished and fireproofed just months prior to 911. These floors were all occupied by Marsh & McLennan (Marsh) and their subsidiaries, they are insurance brokers and financiers with close ties with the CIA. Marsh’s CEO Jeffery Greenberg stepped down as President of AIG to head up Marsh, his father was Chairman of AIG. He’s on the Trilateral Commission and the Brookings Institute, both integral supporters of the New World Order. Another partner at Marsh, was Stephen Friedman, a former partner at Goldman Sachs, economic advisor to George W. Bush, member of both the Brookings Institute (CIA) and the Bilderberg Group and on the advisory board of In-Q-Tel, another CIA front that invests in state of the art technology in defense and intelligence. The Vice Chairman of Marsh Real Estate Advisors was Craig Stapleton, husband to George W. Bush’s cousin Dorothy Walker Bush, and fellow owner of the Texas Rangers with George Bush. Marsh has also just acquired Johnson and Higgins, Inc., who George H. W. Bush bother Prescott Bush Jr. had worked as Senior Vice President.

One month after 911 L. Paul Bremer becomes the CEO of a new division called Marsh Crisis. Paul came over from being Managing Director of Kissinger and Associates. Bremer was also on the board of Komatsu. Komatsu-Dresser (Herbie Walker’s company) had joint mining interests from 1988 to 1997. In 1996, it patented a new thermite demolition devise that could “demolish a concrete structure at a high efficiency, while preventing secondary problems due to noise, flying dust, and the like.” In 1998 Dresser merged with Halliburton. Bremer was CEO of Marsh’s Political Risk Practice and he had an office in the South Tower of the World Trade Towers. When interviewed the day of 911 Bremer was telling NBC news that Osama bin Laden did it with the help of Iraq and Iran. Those interviews keep getting taken off the Internet. In 2003 Bremer was sent to Iraq to serve as “Occupational Governor.” Fortunately, Bremer and his staff did not happen to be at their offices at the World Trade Towers were attacked on 911.

The south tower was apparently hit and exploded around the 78th to 83rd floors. The main occupant of these floors was Baseline Financial Services, a fund by Joseph Kasputys. Kasputys headed up the Department of Defense from 1972 to 1977, joined Nixon’s task force on the Arab embargo, worked for 1HS Global Insight an intelligence service used by the CIA and in the Department of Energy, and who was also involved in developing nano-thermite. Nano-thermite was used to demolish the World Trade Center, not just the twin towers, but all seven buildings. The 83rd floor of the South Tower was AON Corp, whose managing director was Jim Pierce, cousin to George W. Bush. Jim’s father was partners with the Walkers (Bush In-laws). On the morning of 911 Jim had called a meeting to be at the 105th floor of the South tower for that morning, however, that morning Jim suddenly changed his mind and changed the location of the meeting. Apparently nobody else got the memo in time and they died.

On the 91st floor of the South Tower was the Washington Group, a construction and mining company that had acquired Morrison-Knudsen in 1996. The Army Corp of Engineers hired Morrison-Knudson and worked as partners with Halliburton in Vietnam, and became the leading demolition company used by the United States government. Morrison-Knutson demolished over 200 buildings for the US government in 1995 alone. So the Washington group was the government’s largest demolition company contractor, and they were based in the World Trade Center Towers, and they were working on the Towers just month before 911. So if we wanted to know who might be able to place demolition charges in the World Trade Center, we have only to look at the tenants and the governments’ favorite demolition experts.

The Washington Group also paid Greenhorne & O’Mara, whose employee, Theresa Mc Allister, was the lead author for both the FEMA and NIST reports on the World Trade Center disaster. The NIST report was under the direction of the Secretary of Commerce, who was Donald Evans, a close friend of George W. Bush and one of his largest fund raisers. The NIST findings claim that explosives were not responsible for bringing the towers down, yet later they admitted to not testing or even considering whether explosives were used or that a demolition brought those building down. Now we know demolition charges were used, and must have been placed weeks to months before 911. Not just buildings 6 & 7 but all the World Trade Tower buildings including 1 & 2. The best people in the world to destroy those towers worked in those towers. The specific type of nano-thermite that these tenants invented was used in the demolition of the towers. It was clearly and inside job, that had nothing to do with Middle Eastern “terrorists”.


Larry Silverstein

Three days after 911, September 14th, Larry Silverstein said in an interview that he and the Fire Department commander decided to “pull” World Trade Center Building #7 late in the afternoon of September 11th. Later in a PBS television documentary called America Rebuilds, Silverstein explains the day:

I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling us that they

were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire and said ‘we’ve had such

a terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing is to pull it.’ And they made the

decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”


To pull a building is to pull it down or demolish it. Buildings 6 and 7 both needed to be demolished on 911, as well as 3, 4 and 5, and 1 & 2. The same PBS documentary also catches a recording of the Fire department saying to the public “We’re getting ready to pull building 6.” Louis Mendes from the New York City Department of Design and Construction made the following comment:


We had to be very careful how we demolished Building 6. We were worried about

Building 6 coming down and then damaging the stone walls, so we wanted it to

fall within a certain area.


The only way those buildings could have been pulled down or demolished is if demolition charges had been be placed on all the floors of these buildings ahead of time, and that would have taken weeks to months to accomplish. It became clear in the investigation that if demolitions were already set up and planed for buildings 6 & 7 on September 11th, it’s inconceivable that the two largest building were not also wired to be demolished for the same day. Especially after watching how they collapsed in on themselves just like in a controlled demolition. Obviously the entire World Trade Center was rigged for demolition long before 911.


When we look at the World Trade Towers coming down on video they clearly look like a perfect demolition job, the world’s best demolition companies, architects, structural engineers and demolition experts from all over the world agree that those buildings were destroyed by demolition, even if jet air liners did hit those towers. So anything that did hit those towers, hit them to make it look like it was the hit from the air and came down as a result. It was a deception, it was meant to trick the public and blame Osama bin Laden and then Saddam Hussain. We have easy scapegoats. Larry Silverstein world normally be having breakfast at the top of the World Trade Tower on 911 as it was his daily ritual, but he suddenly got an appointment to see his doctor that day and fortunately was not at the WTC at the time of the demolition.




The US Military Response


On September 11th, at least four aircraft were reported hijacked. Two left from Boston, one Washington and the other Newark. The 911 Commission and NORAD (Air Force) blames the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for not adequately notifying NORAD in time, which they didn’t. The NORAD timeline was published in a press release by them, and their time table and that of the FAA does not match. The time table that was originally posted in Wikipedia has been taken down, stating “this page has been removed.” However, according to NORAD’s own reports they not only delayed scrambling the jets, but they sent them on a wild goose chase and not in the direction to intercept the hijacked planes. In all three cases the fighters were sent in round about patterns that delayed them by more than twice the time it should have taken, deliberately keeping them from point of contact. We even hear stories of military exercises being conducted on this day to create a fog of dis-information.


In a report by the Inspector General of the Department of Transportation, published in the New York Times May 6, 2004 the tape recording of all air traffic on 911 occurred at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center in Ronkonkoma on Long Island. According to this report these tapes “were destroyed by the FAA quality-assurance manager, who ‘crushed the cassette in his hand, cut the tape into little pieces and dropped them in different trash cans around the building’.” That’s obviously destruction of evidence, which is a crime, and suggests a bigger conspiracy within the government to cover it up.


During 911 President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and National Security Advisor Rice all stated on television “who would ever imagine a jet flying into the world trade towers?”, yet the NORAD manual even had the World Trade Towers on the cover and specifically identified it as a likely target to be attacked. NORAD had trained for years to protect the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. It’s nothing new to scramble jets to intercept straying jets either. In 2000 alone jets were scrambled 129 times in the United States. Why did General Ralph Edward Eberhart, who was in command of NORAD and responsible for protecting American airspace, send the jets away from the targets and deliberately cause them to be late? They might have prevented the crashes. Why has this not been explained to the American public?  We have the most powerful air force in the world, and we can’t protect two clear targets from a hijacked airliner? And nobody was held accountable either.


When the 911 Commission requested the recordings of the discussions with the fighter crews, the Air Force told the Commission “The conversations with the Otis fighter pilots was not recorded.” Since when? Its standard procedure to record the air traffic, they would be out of protocol if they did not. The Air Force just refuses to comply. This makes them co-conspirators. Withholding evidence, lying, cover ups, at each incident. During interviews with the Air Traffic Controllers from Boston, their conclusions were very blunt, they just said “it was an inside job.”




The Pentagon


The Pentagon attack is another fascinating story which differs greatly from what we’ve been told. The initial explosion only put a hole sixteen feet across in the outer wall of the Pentagon. Images from the first responders and news crews clearly show 1) a much smaller opening than what we later see on television hours later, and 2) no debris of any aircraft in sight whatsoever. The lawn is empty. There is simply no way a commercial jet liner hit that building. There is no evidence of wings hitting the building, or the tail. Two whole floors above the hole made by the explosion were still in tack, and the windows were not even blown out. Later that day demolition charges were set off that collapsed the top two flows above the hole, making the hole look much bigger and creating a debris field in front of the hole. Only then were the camera crews allowed back in to film. But still no airliner, people or even parts.  It also just so happened that that particular part of the Pentagon that got hit was the only part of the Pentagon to undergo some recent remodeling, including some demolishing and fireproofing.


Jim Angle at Fox News was on the scene showing the little 16’ hole in the Pentagon and the clean lawn in front before the Secret Service restricted and sealed off the area. The American Society of Civil Engineers released a report “The Pentagon Building Performance Report” in 2003 which basically stated that the government’s findings and reporting was completely false and unreliable. This is a separate report from a different agency stating the government’s official reports are unreliable. Camera crews were asked to leave until another demolition charge could be ignited, then the reporters are invited in for a second take.


There are five cameras on the roof of the Pentagon facing the direction of the incoming plane or missile, but the Pentagon won’t release any of the video footage. Why? Other videos from other buildings near the Pentagon that could have captured the plane were also taken by Federal agents, and to date not one shot of a plan was captured. None of those videos were available to the 911 Commission, or even now to the public. Why? Moreover, in the one video that was released showing a sudden explosion, there is no plane to be seen and apparently several clips were cut out of the video. The video footage had been tampered with by the government. So the absence of video footage is very suspicious and the lack of cooperation in providing the required evidence indicates a conspiracy to withhold evidence at the very highest levels of military and national government – not our representatives in government, but the Shadow Government. The Pentagon is in on this conspiracy at the highest level, while those on the ground are in the dark as much as we are. Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense, and in charge.


The 911 Commission Report


The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States, better known as the 911 Commission, began their investigation on November 27, 2002. Originally Henry Kissinger was going to lead the commission, but he was not willing to reveal his clientele to assure no conflict of interest and withdrew. The entire committee was filled with close contacts of President Bush, the CIA, National Security or State department, which makes the report suspect from the beginning. The commissioner, former New Jersey Governor Thomas Keen, said the NSA, the CIA, the Secret Service and other government agencies withheld information, denied requests by them for pieces of evidence that they had and lied to them repeatedly. He now does not stand by his own report. Moreover, 28 pages of the report are still missing. Congressmen who have read those pages said it completely changes everything. The report concluded that the attacks were due to the failure of the CIA and FBI, and that airplanes guided by terrorists hit the world trade towers and pentagon, and then they closed the case without further discussion on August 21, 2004. But even those who wrote the report don’t believe it. The investigation was limited and controlled and much of the required evidence was withheld or falsified. This implicates the heads of those agencies and departments of government in the conspiracy.


The commission would not take any evidence or testimonials from the first responders, such as the NY Fire Department, Police, and Emergency Medical Technicians who saw the demolitions and witnessed the collapse first hand. Moreover, they refused to look at the testimony offered by witnesses or look at evidence analyzed by others. Commission chairman Lee H. Hamilton accused the CIA and NSA of “not providing the evidence needed.” Evidence has surfaced through the Freedom of Information Act that FBI, NSA, CIA and other agencies were tracking several of the hijackers, but none would provide the commission the information on them or their activities or the government’s involvement with them. The commission also stated that the FAA and NORAD provided inaccurate information and said the “authorities sought to mislead the commission and the public.” John Farmer, who led the staff enquiries said “I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described.”


During the investigation neither President George Bush nor Vice President Dick Cheney would testify under oath and limited what questions that they would answer. Why? The National Security Whistleblowers Coalition of former FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA and other US Intelligence agents said the 911 Commission Report was “flawed” and most law enforcement agencies see it as a completely bogus investigation. The report did not address the source of funds to the hijackers, and dismisses the need to, even though any professional investigator knows to follow the money to get to the organizer, who was not bin Laden. The money went back to the Governments of Saudi Arabia, where most of the hijackers were from, and the Pakistani Intelligence, both which works closely with the CIA to handle Al Qaeda. This, of course, suggests that the hijackers on 911 were assets of US intelligence. This would also explain how they got through airport security, and received passports and could get in and out of the country.


In one example, then Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar and his wife sent checks up to some $130,000 to a Mr. Bassnan, who was the handler of the hijackers. The fact he’s referred to as a handler in testimony identifies Mr. Bassnan as a Saudi Intelligence Agent, who worked closely with our own CIA. So a Saudi Intelligence Agent was overseeing the hijackers, and the hijackers were working with Saudi Intelligence, which is staffed by US intelligence. Prince Bandar said the money transferred was for Bassnan’s wife who was sick, but the money got to the hijackers. When Bob Graham, former Senator of Florida, who was chairman of the Joint Inquiry asked for the files from the FBI, he was simply denied.  After months if enquiry into the 911 Investigation, Senator Graham finally came forward and told the public “it’s a cover up.”

Cover Ups


The Washington Post reported in its August 3, 2006 edition that:

Some staff members and commissioners of the Sept. 11 panel concluded that

the Pentagon’s initial story of how it reacted to the 2001 terrorist attacks may

have been part of a deliberate effort to mislead the commission and the public

rather than a reflection of the fog of events on that day, according to sources

involved in the debate.


Suspicion of wrongdoing ran so deep that the 10-member commission, in a secret

meeting at the end of its tenure in summer 2004, debated referring the matter to

the Justice Department for criminal investigation, according to several commission

sources. Staff members and some commissioners thought that e-mails and other

evidence provided enough probable cause to believe that military and aviation

officials violated the law by making false statements to Congress and to the

commission, hoping to hide the bungled response to the hijackings, these sources said.




National Security Advisor Richard Clark


The National Security Advisor is the number one advisor to the president on matters of national security. He should know who likely suspects would be for 911 and he clearly did not think it was Saddam Hussein or Iraq. According to George Bush’s own National Security Advisor Richard Clark, he told the president very expressly:


I am unaware of any Iraqi-sponsored terrorism directed at the US since 1993,

and I think FBI and CIA concur in that judgment.


CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin, who was also at the meeting replied in response and speaking to President Bush said:


Yes, that is right. We have no evidence of any active Iraqi terrorist threat

against the United States.


In Richard Clark’s book Against All Enemies he discusses an early conversation he had with President Bush at the outset of 911 and claimed Bush closed the doors and said to him:


Look, I know you have a lot to do and all, but I want you as soon as you can

to go back over everything, everything. See if Saddam did this. See if he

is linked in any way…I want to know any shred.


Clark also recounts conversations with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz about shifting the focus from Al Qaeda to Saddam and Iraq. According to him and others in the White House and Department of Defense, the President and Vice President wanted to change the discussion from getting bin Laden to getting Saddam despite there not being any evidence to support he had anything to do with 911 or the World Trade Tower attacks. He claims President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz all wanted to change the target from bin Laden to Iraq, even though they knew he had nothing to do with it. One story is particularly telling in Clark’s book on this point:


I expected to go back to a round of meetings [after September 11] to examine

what the next attacks could be, what our vulnerabilities were, what we could

do about them in the short term. Instead, I walked into a series of discussions

about Iraq. At first I was incredulous that we were talking about something

other than getting Al Qaeda. Then I realized with almost a sharp pain that

Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were going to try to take advantage of this national

tragedy to promote their agenda about Iraq. Since the beginning of the

Administration, indeed well before, they had been pressing for a war with



Just days after the 911 attack, Clark reports that Rumsfeld was “talking about broadening the objectives of our response and getting Iraq”. He claimed that there were “no decent targets for bombing in Afghanistan and that we should consider bombing Iraq which had better targets. At this point not one shred of evidence was pointing to Iraq, but that didn’t matter. They wanted to get those new oil fields and all the new gold that has been discovered in Iraq, and they did. They made money from this, and the American public paid for it – as did Iraq and thousands of others from many nations.


Susan Lindauer was an asset of the CIA specializing in Iraq and working as what she calls “a back channel” between Iraq and the CIA. She studied at the London School of Economics, and worked as a researcher for US News and World Report, and then as congressional aid over the years for congressmen De Fazio, Wyden, Lofgren and for Senator Braun. Her second cousin was Andy Card, then White House Chief of Staff for President George Bush. She made regular trips to Baghdad and met with high ranking officials, including ambassadors. She was a leading intelligence officer on Iraq. Now she’s been discredited in the press. From what she said Baghdad wanted to avoid another war, and from what she and the CIA said, including National Security Advisor Dick Clark, Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the World Trade Towers or Pentagon being attacked, and there are no Al Qaeda cells in Iraq. Saddam had nothing to do with 911. CIA staff members who work on Iraq made a point to advise both the President and Vice President that Saddam and Iraq had nothing to do with 911, but their reports and advice were ignored. In fact, they were told to “find the evidence” contrary to their stated mission of finding the truth. National Security Advisor Dick Clark was fired for stating Iraq had nothing to do with 911, and then telling the public. The executive office was perceived to be steamrolling the CIA to justify a war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Lindauer also stated that our government knew that the World Trade Towers were going to be attacked, but she didn’t know by who. When she, with good intensions, attempted to tell her handler, Dr. Fuisz, he told her to leave it alone. When Dr. Fuize was asked he simply replied “This is not an issue I can confirm or deny” and “I am not allowed to speak on those issues.” She persisted in trying to inform the congress and the president independently, warning them that the World Trade Towers were going to be attacked and that Iraq is inviting the FBI to Iraq to investigate the presence of weapons of mass destruction in order to prevent a war. She was trying to tell the President that our best intelligence was that Iraq has nothing to do with the pending attack. She was turned away and told to keep quiet. She said the President and Vice President were pressing to go to war in Iraq, and 911 served as the pretext.


The next morning she was arrested under the Patriot Act. She was under indictment for over five years, served one year in jail at Carswell Air Force Base Prison in Fort Worth, Texas, not allowed to a trial, not given council, not convicted of any crime. They just held her. The government just told her that “they didn’t want her talking and telling others what she knew.” Once in prison, the Justice Department tried to force the prison to give her Haidol, Ativan and Prozac until she stopped “talking crazy.” She was not ultimately forced to take the drugs, she is now out of prison, and has written a book and gone on a speaking tour on this subject. The mainstream media portrays her as being crazy, and won’t touch it. But she is one of dozens of whistleblowers shedding light on this subject. Her video talks come on and off the Internet.




Counter Intelligence


In order to keep the American and the world public ignorant and misinformed, standard public relations techniques and propaganda devices have been employed through the media. Numerous documentaries have been made about many of these subjects, and counter intelligence movies have also been made to confuse the public. Numerous Conspiracy Theory “debunking” movies, articles and interviews have also been created which are interesting to analyze, once you have the tools. One of the best ways to study conspiracy theories is to analyze the cover ups. The following are just a few ways counter-intelligence was, and is, used in the media to debunk the World Trade Tower Coup:


  • False images and associations. All the major news stations place a photo of the twin towers ablaze next to a photo of Saddam Hussein, night after night until the image was burned into everyone’s brains. The media successfully created the false impression in the public’s mind that Saddam Hussein had something to do the World Trade Towers coming down. We were lied to once again to justify another war. The press spins the story in a direction they want to take you and they made you think Saddam did it when he didn’t.
  • Presenting a false counter argument to argue against or to deflect from the main issues, avoid facts, and confuse those who might otherwise consider the whole body of evidence. Mis-represent what “conspiracy theorists” think, or other facts, as to create a negative and biased opinion in the public’s mind. The public tends to trust “authorative” sources like the news.
  • Condescending tone, presuming to know before all the facts are presented, and holding those with other opinions with contempt, or just paint them as being “unpatriotic” or “radical”. Developing the perception or inference of being nutty if you hold a different view or challenging even considering other perspectives or opinions. Not wanting to associate with “conspiracy theories or theorists.” Play on ones fear of looking stupid if they think for themselves. Collective thinking provides security. The news herds our thinking into the direction they want us to go.
  • Smearing those who are presenting the data, make them enemies, crazy or unpatriotic so nobody wants to be associated with them. Presenting false characterizations or presentation of facts. Attack opponents in the press, change the story to demonizing the opponent. Independent thinkers or thinking becomes associated with being unpatriotic or perjorative clique like “a socialist” or “a progressive” or “conservative” or “terrorist sympathizer”.
  • Lying. Telling a false statement for the sake of serving a better cause like “national security” or “America’s safety” or “America’s best interests” or “America’s national interests” without defining what exactly that means or implies. Dozens of government officials have been caught lying regarding 911 and none have been held accountable. Lying appears to work.
  • Prevent facts that could work against you from being released to the Congress or press stating national security protocols, or simply destroying or blacking out the materials so others may not know the facts. In other words, obstructing justice. The ability of people to rationalize these criminal acts is further proof of the power of state mind control on people.
  • Diverting or re-focusing the attention away from the key evidence and onto the false story that was presented to the media. Have a sensational news item ready to release in the press if something comes up to divert attention away. Change the news cycle, refocus people’s attention. Issues that have to come out but need to have minimal public impact, come out on late Friday editions or programming when the public is least likely to see or hear it.
  • Coordinated PR Campaign. Since most people are receiving their information from the mainstream media which is telling essentially the same story through different venues, a consensus of opinion is manufactured within the population, and a mood, such as the need to go to war. People are paid to create a need to go to war. The media manufactures consent to go to war until it is accepted.
  • Cover ups. The CIA, FBI and NSA still will not release the key supporting evidence to the public, and NIST will not release the other technical findings about the demolition. Moreover, those who stand suspect are the very ones keeping any further investigations or enquiries from occurring despite the tremendous volume of public interest on the subject. Those who cover up are implicated.
  • Shutting People Up. Either scaring people into being quiet or killing them. Numerous people died of mysterious circumstances who would otherwise be witnesses to facts that run contrary to the established opinion. History shows there is little hesitation to eliminate whistleblowers.


The distraction, or faint, in 911 is the “Middle Eastern Terrorists”. The airliners are to send us in the wrong direction. Many of the hijackers were known, and believed to be assets, of the CIA and FBI. The focus needs to be on how the World Trade Center was brought down and by who and for what reason. A summary of facts and points to keep in mind:


  1. Leading engineers and architects from around the world disagree on the government’s conclusion that aircraft hitting the towers brought them down and that The World Trade Towers collapsing is a clear example of a professional demolition proving it to be an inside job.
  2. World Trade Tower buildings 6 & 7 we know were “pulled” or brought down by demolition just hours after the first two buildings collapsed. Demolitions for such buildings take months to plan, so other insiders knew about the demolition. All 7 buildings were demolished on the same day.
  3. Copious amounts of nano-themite were found on the 911 site directly after the collapse, and thermite is what is used for demolitions. The patient for the particular form of nano-thermite belongs to the US government, and the creators happen to reside in the World Trade Center.
  4. The military delayed sending aircraft support, and in four cases sent the interceptors in the wrong direction to delay their response. Our sky was unprotected and nobody was held accountable?
  5. The original hole in the Pentagon was not big enough to be made by a commercial aircraft, and only after additional demolition charges were set off did the cameras show the public the destruction. No plan debris was every found, not at the Pentagon or World Trade Center.
  6. The FAA, NSA, CIA, FBI and other government agencies refuse to provide the evidence to the public, or the 911 commission. The fact that this information is being covered up, is a cover up.
  7. Hundreds of first responders – EMT’s, Police, Security and Firemen reported explosions on other floors on each of the buildings and this information was not even admitted as evidence.
  8. Six of the ten members of the 911 Commission said it was a cover up, and both co-chairs Hamilton and Kean came to conclusion that it was a conspiracy within our own government - a Shadow Government.
  9. To date no hard evidence was found that either Saddam Hussein, or Osama ben Laden, were involved, and neither took direct credit for it either.
  10. 911 created the Pearl Harbor that enabled us to wage war in the Middle East, as planned, and the take over the oil and other resources of Iraq.


The intelligence community all around the world know that 911 was “an inside job.” Former Italian President Francisco Cossiga revealed in 2007 that their intelligence confirmed that the CIA, along with Israeli intelligence Mossad, were behind the terror attacks. President Cossiga, who died in 1010, also informed the public about Operation Gladio – a rouge intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 80’s. According to Cossiga:


All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe…know well that the disastrous

attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist

world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce

the western powers to take part…in Iraq [and] Afghanistan. reported that in March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated in sworn testimony that:


You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown

people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force…

the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.


A July 2014 article in Russia Today states that 9/11 was an inside job and part of a false flag operation to lead Americans to believe they need to go to war. According to Russia Today: Decades of Terror against their own population, blamed on “extremists”, has actually been funded and planned by the White House, top-level officals in the government and the CIA confirmed. In 2003 former German defense minister and member of the German parliament for 23 years, Andreas von Bulow, also believes that 911 was an inside job. According to Bulow, speaking to the U.K. Daily Telegraph in 2003:


If what I say is right, the whole US government should end up behind bars. They

have hidden behind a veil of secrecy and destroyed the evidence – that they invented

the story of 19 Muslims working with Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda – in order to

hide the truth of their own covert operation.


According to Morgan Reynolds, a former economist in President Bush’s administration and former Director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis:


Everyone in the global intelligence community realized that 911 was an inside

job as soon as it happened. The obvious tip-offs, he said, were the unprecedented

stand down of the US air defenses, the controlled demolition of the World Trade

Center, and the non-protection of President Bush in Florida.




911 Conclusion

The World Trade Towers were brought down from months of planning by those in the Shadow Government, who were willing to sacrifice thousands of lives as “collateral damage” to gain the impetus for war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Planes or demolition, Iraq or some other Middle Easterner, we were going to war in Iraq. Every night Americans saw an image of the burning World Trade Towers, typically to the upper left of the news anchor, and to the upper right would be an image of Saddam. So every American made a subconscious association with Saddam and the World Trade Towers. Even though the terrorists were Saudi nationals, there were no Iraqi’s on the plane or involved in the incidence. But public opinion polls showed most Americans, and the Western World, thought Saddam was responsible for the World Trade Towers attack. That’s completely false, it’s deceptive. The propaganda was able to create a “manufactured consent” that we should go to war…and it worked. It was the nearly perfect false flag operation.

Why? All you have to do is follow the money and look who benefited. All the evidence points to the same players who have the same end in sight – globalization and world domination. Who benefited from 911? When a crime is committed, one of the first things investigators look at is motive. Who benefited from the actions taken? Who had the most to gain and loose? Iraq has not only the second highest oil reserves in the world, they also have some of the most promising and biggest new reserves in Northern Iraq which have yet to be extracted. To control the oil market, you have to control Iraq. Central Asia, north of Afghanistan, also has some of the largest new oil fields and new production coming on line and that oil and gas needs to be piped to tankers. Russia and China are becoming ever bigger players in the oil industry and are squeezing Anglo-American interests. This is ultimately what is behind Libya, Syria, Iran, and Crimea – Oil interests are fighting for control of the oil and using national military’s to accomplish their goals and using propaganda so the public will accept it. So obviously the Anglo-American oil companies clearly benefited from the Wars in Iraq, as well as the defense contractors, and the bankers.

One of the biggest challenges in Iraq was that Saddam was switching from trading oil in US currency – Petro Dollars – to using Euros. If oil was traded in currencies other than the dollar, the Anglo-American banking cartel would lose its power and profit. Both Iraq and Libya were going to join Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - BRICS – and possibly Iran, to create their own currency. Russia and China just signed a $450 billion deal for Russia to send natural gas to China, but they are not going to be trading in US dollars anymore. Russia’s largest bank, VTB, recently signed a deal with the Bank of China to use each other’s currencies and cut out the dollar to price or exchange goods. At the most recent meeting of the G8 economic conference in Italy this year Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev revealed a new “United Future World Currency” minted in gold, and suggested its use to replace the US dollar in global trading. So Anglo-American banking interests were protected as a result of the war, and unprecedented debt was created at very high interest rates creating unimaginable profits.

Now we need to look at the key political players in 911, there backgrounds, roles and money made. George W. Bush’s family is heavily invested in banking, defense contracting and oil. Samuel Bush partnered with the Rockefellers to make ammunition and other armaments, such as Remington who makes shell casings, and ship building for various Navy’s. Prescott Bush was partners with Avril Harriman in Union Bank. They are partners in numerous banks and investment companies and have vast interests in oil all over the Middle-East. Most money is kept in offshore bank accounts so they cannot be taxed and to keep the ownership anonymous.

George H. W. Bush, after his term as President of the United States, joined the Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group is one of many holding companies that invests in targeted companies for a pool of investors. As military and government officials decide which defense contractors to award government contracts to, those same people then invest in the fund which in turn invests in those companies that are going to receive those defense contracts. As those contracts are then later awarded to the various defense contractors their stock price goes up and they make tons of money. This is what’s called “insider trading” in the industry and it is expressly against the law. Members of Carlyle include George H.W. Bush, former Prime Minister of Briton John Majors, former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci and members of the bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia. They all made a fortune off the Iraq wars.

The Wall Street Journal reported on September 28, 2001:

The senior Bush had met with the bin Laden family at least twice in the last three

years – 1998 and 2000 – as a representative of Carlyle seeking to expand business

dealings with one of the wealthiest Saudi families which some experts agree has

never fully severed its ties with Black Sheep Osama in spite of current reports in the

mainstream press that is afraid of offending the current administration.


The bin Laden firm invested $2 million in Carlyle Partners II Fund, which raised about

$1.3 billion overall. The fund purchased several aerospace companies among 29 deals.


According to a spokesman for Carlyle:


So far the family has raised $1.3 million back in completed investments and should

realize a 40% annualized return.


On 911 Shafia bin Laden was at a meeting in the offices of the Carlyle Group in New York, and stood and watched on TV as the World Trade Center was destroyed. After 911 Carlyle was awarded $677 million in government contracts, and in 2003 it was awarded another $2.1 billion in government contracts. Carlyle now has a pool of assets estimated at $44 billion dollars. They are the 11th largest military contractor now. War is profitable for the people who wage war.


Two of the companies which Carlyle acquired were Federal Data Systems and US Investigations Systems (which was a government institution and became “privatized” during the Bush administration), both which were awarded multi-billion dollar contracts and basically determine who gets security clearances or top level positions. This company provides background checks for airlines, the Pentagon, the CIA and Homeland Security, among others. So now our security is being given over to the private investors, and a handful of people get to decide who is in and who is out. The government is no longer in charge, and our interests are not being represented. The people doing the evaluations or screening are putting their own people in and making sure others stay out.


According to the Financial Times, Neil Mallon Bush (George W. Bush’s brother) worked for Crest Investment company “with the aim of assisting clients to evaluate and take advantage of business opportunities in the Middle East.” George’s other bother, Marvin Bush, is co-founder of Winston Partners, a private investment firm who invests primarily in the military and security sectors. He also sat on the board of directors of HCC Insurance, which had insured the World Trade Center, enabled the reinsurance and profit from the demolition, and benefited from the government bailout policy. Marvin Bush, George W. Bush’s other brother, was also on the board of Securacom, which provided the security for both the Dulles International Airport and the World Trade Center. So any demolition charges placed in those towers would ultimately have been the responsibility of Securacom. Marvin stepped down just before 911. So members of the Bush family have been strategically placed for this war and to profit.



Dick Cheney


Richard “Dick” Cheney served as Chief of Staff under both the Ford and Nixon administrations, he was elected as a U.S. Representative for Wyoming and reelected five times, he was House Majority Whip in 1989, became Secretary of Defense under George H. W. Bush and oversaw the first Iraq war. He then worked closely with Rockefeller to create the blueprint for the New World Order. This new blueprint was developed by Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush (George Bush’s other brother), Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz and published in 1997 with the expressed purpose to “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars”, and “transform U.S. forces to exploit the ‘revolution’ in military affairs’.” The Project for the New American Century was the blueprint for the Shadow Government’s plan, which you can read in their policy document called Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces, and Resources for a New Century. They describe their mission in the introduction:


The Defense Policy Guidance drafted in the early months of 1992 provide the

blueprint for maintaining U.S. preeminence, precluding the rise of a great power

rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principals

and interests.


Under Section V entitled Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force, it states ominously:


Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is

likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new

                Pearl Harbor.


911 was our Pearl Harbor. The Towers collapse enable the plan to be fulfilled. When Bill Clinton was elected President, Cheney became the CEO of the giant defense and oil contractor Halliburton and was able to secure for Halliburton billions in government contracts, and without competitive bidding. Under his leadership Halliburton became the nation’s largest government contractor. Under Cheney’s leadership, the company formed between 44 and 58 offshore tax havens to hide money, and Halliburton went from paying hundreds of millions in taxes to zero. Halliburton has received over $1.2 billion in revenue in contracts related to Iraq.


When Cheney resigned from Halliburton to become Vice President under George Bush in 2000, he received $33.7 million retirement package for four years of work. He holds over 50,000 options, and although he has stated that he has severed his ties with Halliburton the Government Accounting Office states that is not true.  Most of the money is hidden in offshore bank accounts. In 1998 Halliburton was fined $7.5 million for illegal accounting by the Securities and Exchange Commission. There were several indictments and investigations from the Justice Department for Cheney and Halliburton, but all of them were dropped when Bush became president, and Cheney Vice President, siting executive privilege.


The CIA is on record as saying Cheney not only would not listen to them as they tried to explain how Saddam Husain was not a part of 911, Cheney is reported to have told them to “find some evidence”. The CIA made testimony available showing how the Vice Presidents office was interfering with their investigation and making false statements. A whole group of CIA agents with firsthand experience with this obstruction of justice have come forth and spoken publically and it is even on streaming video, sometimes, but the mainstream media does not pursue this and neither does the congress or Department of Justice. The propaganda of Iraq having uranium and aluminum tubes for weapons of mass destruction was completely fabricated, but this lie goes primarily unreported. The ones trying to justify war were the same ones profiting from it the most, and the press doesn’t touch it even though they know.


Condoleezza Rice was a professor of Political Science at Stanford and worked for the RAND Corporation (a CIA front) before becoming President George W. Bush’s National Security Advisor and then Secretary of State. She speaks Russian and in 1993 worked for the Chevron Oil Company to secure oil contracts in Kazakhstan as she knew their President Nursultan Nazarbago. Kazakhstan is an oil rich nation just north of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is needed to pipe the oil and gas from Kazakhstan in the north, to the ports due south. In 1993 Chevron Oil put her on the board of directors and named a supertanker after her –  the “SS Condoleezza Rice.” In 2004 Rice declined to testify before the 911 Commission, the White House had claimed “executive privilege”, but she ended up answering some questions in private. She works for oil companies and the CIA and is now wealthy as a result of these wars.

Donald Rumsfeld served as Secretary of Defense under President Ford, where he groomed Dick Cheney. He also served as chairman of the RAND Corporation, as CEO of several large pharmaceutical companies and again served as Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush. He orchestrated the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Paul Bremer, who worked for Kissinger & Associates, was made interim governor of Iraq and was able to secure government oil contracts in Iraq for American oil interests and assure that Iraq still priced their oil and traded in US dollars. Paul Bremer worked for Henry Kissinger, who was David Rockefeller’s partner and co-author of the plan for a New World Order. They are very open about it. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Bremer were the ones creating the reasons to enter war in Iraq and Afghanistan, even as our own military and CIA were advising otherwise and the public was begging the government not to go.

All these architects of the war said publically that Iraq was not about oil, but clearly it was and still is. They, and those interests that put them into power, all clearly benefited materially from the war. None so more than the bankers. Wars create large amounts of debt which earns interest and makes huge profits. The greatest profits in the history of the world.


The Anglo-American Banking Cartel

As of September 16, 2014 National Priorities reports that total war funding for Iraq and Afghanistan exceeds $1.57 trillion dollars. If you divide this cost among the 316 million Americans in 2013, that cost every American $4,842. The debt on this war has destroyed our economy, and killed good and innocent people. $815 billion has been allocated for war in Iraq alone since 2003, and $3.3 billion in 2014. More of the war budget is moving to the war in Afghanistan now. More war opportunities are developing in Syria and Iran, and a new arms race with Russia and China has now re-begun.

According to Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies Cost of War Project October 1, 2014, from Business Insider:

The Iraq war has cost the US more than $2 trillion dollars so far and with interest

could swell to more than $6 trillion.


The more debt that is created, the more the central banks will receive interest on that debt, and will yield control over those who borrowed. The bigger the debt, the bigger the profit. Banker’s make money funding both sides of the war, the ammunition and the reconstruction afterwards. War is the most profitable industry ever created, and all wars are ultimately created by the same people who profit by them. These numbers reflect American expenses, but many other nations, and their people, bared the burden of this debt not to mention the multitudes that died, or were injured, or had their lives ruined.


So oil companies, banks and defense contractors made billions, and those that serve them made millions or billions. Presidents, Senators and Congressmen made millions, lobbyists made millions, retired generals and former public officials made millions. It literally comes out of the workers pockets and ends up in theirs. The one percent richest are getting richer and most of the rest of the world, certainly in America, most people are losing. These richest people are not even paying taxes. They pay to have special laws created that allow them not have to pay taxes, whereas the rest of us do. For this process to work you have to have another war ready, and for that you need a new enemy.



Al Qaeda

What is this terrorist group called Al Qaeda? Robert Gates, former Director of the CIA, in his book From the Shadows 1996 shares:

On July 3rd 1979 six months before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Carter signed

a finding to help the Mujahedin covertly…It offered support for propaganda and

other psychological ops in Afghanistan…support for guerrillas in cash or non-military

supplies. The small covert op went from half a million dollars, within a year grew to

tens of millions.


In 1979 the largest covert operation in the history of the CIA was launched in Afghanistan. In an article in Foreign Affairs, November 1999 entitled “The Taliban: Exporting Extremism” Ahmed Rashid states:


With the active encouragement of the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI, who wanted to turn

the Afghan Jihad into a global war waged by all Muslim states against the Soviet

Union, some 35,000 Muslim radicals from 40 Islamic countries joined Afghanistan’s

fight between 1982 and 1992. Tens of thousands more came to study in Pakistani

madrasahs. Eventually, more than 100,000 foreign Muslim radicals were directly

influenced by the Afghan jihad.


The CIA began its military-intelligence operations in Afghanistan by creating “Islamic brigades” prior to the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets. This, in turn, prompted the Soviet Army to invade Afghanistan. This led to the creation of training bases funded by the CIA going through Pakistani intelligence – the ISI. The training based created by the CIA was called “Al Qaeda”, which means “the base.” This is explained clearly in an interview in 1998 with Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter at the time. This was his operation, so he would know. As reported in the French paper Le Nouvel Observateur, January 1998:


Brzezinski: According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahedeen

began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan {on)

24 December 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely

otherwise. Indeed, it was July 3, 1979, that President Carter signed the first

directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And

that very day, I wrote a note to the President in which I explained to him that in

my opinion, this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.


Question: Despite this risk, you were an advocate of this covert action. But

perhaps you yourself desired this Soviet entry into war and looked to

provoke it?


Brzezinski: It isn’t quite that. We didn’t really push the Russians to intervene,

but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.


Question: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they

intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in

Afghanistan, people didn’t believe them. However, there was a basis of truth.

You don’t regret anything today?


Brzezinski: What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or

the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation

of Central Europe and end of the Cold War?


The intension of US involvement was to create a “Militant Islamic Network” that would use “Islamic Jihad” (holy war) as part of its propaganda ploy to induce people to fight. You need to have a reason for war, in order to justify spending the vast sums of money to go to war and ask citizens to risk their lives. Citizens typically don’t want war, it has to be provoked, so propaganda is used. In an article written by Steve Coll in the Washington Post, July 19, 1992:


In March 1985, President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive 166…

[which] authorize[d] stepped-up covert military aid to the Mujahedeen, and it made

clear that the secret Afghan war had a new goal: to defeat Soviet troops in

Afghanistan through covert action and encourage a Soviet withdrawal. The new

Covert U.S. assistance began with a dramatic increase in arms supplies – a steady

rise to 65,000 tons annually by 1987…as well as a ‘ceaseless steam’ of CIA and

Pentagon specialists who travelled to the secret headquarters of Pakistan’s ISI on

the main road near Rawalpindi, Pakistan. There, CIA specialists met with Pakistani

intelligence officers to help plan operations for the Afghan rebels.


According to Abdel Monam Saidali, of the Al-aram Centre for Strategic Studies in Cairo, interviewed by National Public Radio in 1998 by Eric Weiner and Ted Clark, Osama bin Laden and the “Afghan Arabs” had been imparted “with very sophisticated types of training that was allowed to them by the CIA.” This secret war is retold in the movie Charlie Wilson’s War starring Tom Hanks. The bin Laden family have very close ties with the Bush family, the Carlyle Group and obviously the oil industry, but few American realize that Osama bin Laden was originally an asset of the CIA. He was funded, trained and guided by the CIA. After the 911 attacks television host Larry King interviewed Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. During his show, Larry asked Ambassador Bandar if he had ever met Osama bin Laden personally. The Prince replied “yes, only once, several years ago.” Larry then asked him what did he (Osama bin Laden) say to you? To which the Prince responded:


This is ironic. He said to tell the Americans he appreciates their support in

Afghanistan fighting the godless Russians. He came to thank me for my

efforts to bring the Americans in.


Cut to commercial.


America’s number one enemy was made by being as asset of our own CIA. Al Queda was created by the CIA. All the upheavals in the Middle East are associated with the same organizations, guided by the same handful of people. We are all pawns on the chessboard, as are each of these countries and their leaders. So 911 serves as the ultimate false flag operation that was able to convince an entire nation that somehow Iraq had something to do with the World Trade Towers coming down, which created the collateral damage that justified sending troops, spending trillions and taking control of the world’s largest new oil and gold reserves. The public is trained to think like sheep and just accept it all. 911 also demonstrates the power of the Shadow Government not only over national intelligence, the military and politics, but also how they so effectively control the minds of the masses through propaganda, public relations, and technology.


As a direct result of 911 American oil companies secured Iraq’s reserves and mineral assets and record profits, defense contractors made record fortunes, bankers received record interest income and influence and preserved the Petrol Dollar. Bush and his family and political supporters all made fortunes, as did Dick Cheney, and most of those promoting war like Powel, Rice, Bremer and Wolfowitz.  And the American taxpayer pays for it directly in taxes and in lives, and indirectly through a weaker dollar and economy. All this was possible through the power of propaganda and state mind control. We fell asleep, and now we are waking up, we are enlightening. To awaken, you first have to realize that you have been asleep. Now you are waking up and beginning to see what’s really going on.


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the

                oppressor. Desmond Tutu