Energy Mastery 


with Shaktipat Master Steven S. Sadleir (Saiji)


A Six Week Teleconferenced Energy Development & Transmission Training comprising six parts:

  1. Connecting to Source. Learning to ignite that life force within you and develop it into a powerful force in your life. You will learn how to develop more energy, become healthier, happier and be able to manifest more powerfully in your life.
  2. Energy Anatomy: The nervous system, the meridians and chi, bio-magnetic fields, chakras and kundalini, pranic energy what they are, how they work, and how to develop them.
  3. Healing Energy: Conducting electro-magnetic fields, Reiki, Pranic Energy, Acupressure, chiropractic, micro-current therapy and other energy healings and how they work.
  4. Earth Medicine: The energy of elements, plants, the most powerful foods and herbs, natural medicines, ancient Kaya Kalpa (Ayurvedic anti-aging) cell regeneration and how to heal.
  5. Spiritual Energy: What is Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, the Chakras, Shakti and Shaktipat, Darshan, Om and enlightenment, how do they work, and why it’s so important to know this.
  6. Re-Calibration: You will learn to determine your relative calibrated level of consciousness and be given the tools and training each week to recalibrate to ever higher levels and experience the bliss first hand. We are energy being, you are enlightening. The energy is the light.

After practicing over these six weeks you will be able to raise your calibrated level of consciousness and go into higher states for yourself. You’ll be able to build up your stock of life force healing energy, understand how energy works, and be able to help heal others as well as yourself. You will become more powerful, more lit up, more enlightened.

The course is teleconferenced live with Steven, a Shaktipat Master and Director of the Self Awareness Institute on Saturdays for six consecutive weeks at 9:00 am Pacific (Noon Eastern, Evenings in Europe). The calls are recorded for playback. The tuition is $250. By availability. To sign up online click here

There will be a free Intro call on Saturday, October 26, Just dial  1-605-313-5169 PIN 762617#

Classes begin Saturday November 2nd and end on December 7th.  


To sign up now click here.