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Our New Movie: Enlightenment Now, the Awakening of Humanity


New Documentary with Sai,

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeva

and the world’s leading gurus.



May the whole world live in peace


International Yoga Festival

Teacher Training

Mindfulness for Kids, Teens & Parents and Teachers

C A L E N D A R 2018

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Self Realization Course (12 weeks) beginning September 22nd, 9:00 PST - Must be registered first. Prerequisite for Teacher Training. Sorry, it just filled up.
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Shakti is your life-force energy or spirit and Shaktipat is the means by which you awaken and draw up that energy, to re-energize and re-calibrate to a higher level of consciousness. Here is a video clip of Saiguru Steven imparting the energy to help bring it up in the students. Everyone feels the bliss. This is how to awaken higher consciousness and enlighten. Just connect with Source within you.

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