Online Course Catalog

The Meditation Tool Kit provides you an overview of the basic kinds of meditation that there are so you can practice, as well as some yoga philosophy and introspection training. The Meditation Tool Kit provides you seven guided meditations on MP3 and talks plus Steven’s ebook PDF: The Awakening, An Evolutionary Leap in Human Consciousness. The Meditations include:

  • 3rd Eye & Shaktipat Meditation
  • Deep Relaxation & Healing
  • Pranayama - Breathing Exercises
  • Kriya Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Introspection Meditation
  • Guru’s & Inner Guidance
  • ebook The Calling, an Evolutionary Leap in Human Consciousness

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The Enlightenment Series is a series of more advanced talks Steven gave to his more advanced students, plus a couple meditations and a copy of Steven’s ebook PDF Self-Realization. These talks and meditations include subjects like:

  • Self-Realization
  • Enlightenment of the Consciousness
  • The Nature of Existence
  • Vedanta and Advita Philosophy of the Yogi’s
  • Darshan & Diksha
  • Jhana Yoga & Direct Awareness
  • Shaktipat, Sahaj & Samadhi
  • Gnosis & Christian Gnosticism
  • Shaktipat Transmissions and Sahaj
  • 40 Days and Nights and many more
  • Includes Steven’s ebook The Calling, a Journey Within Your Own Being

The The Enlightenment Series just $29.95, to order now click here

Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teaching of Jesus Unveiled is an online course based on Steven’ popular book by the same name. Steven conducted research on first century Christianity for over thirty years and consolidated the facts to make it easy for you to see how Jesus was “showing us the way to find the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within us” which is enlightenment by any other name. He was an enlightened being teaching enlightenment. These lectures include:

  • Early Judaism, The Kabbalah & Merkaba
  • The Gospels of Thomas, James, Philip & Mary
  • The Dialog of the Savior, Thunder Perfect Mind
  • The Peshetta - The Aramaic Bible and Semetic Christians
  • Paul, the Council of Nicea and the different churches
  • The Apostolic & Church Father’s of the First & Second Centuries
  • The Second Coming & Enlightenment of Mankind
  • Comes with the Christ Enightened PDF ebook.

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Vedanta: Advanced Yoga Philosophy provides the aspirant an overview of the classics of yoga philosophy. American Guru Steven S. Sadleir provides a series of talk on the essence of Hindu and Yogic philosophy. It provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of the classics, perfect for yoga teachers and includes a copy of Stevenji’s best-selling book on world religions Looking for God, a Spiritual Seeker’s Guide to Religious & Spiritual Paths of the World PDF. The classics include:

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The Bhagavad Gita & Ramayana
  • The Vedas - all four
  • The Upanisades (Katha, Isha, Kena & Mundaka)
  • The Yoga Vasistha
  • The Tantras
  • The Siva Sutra
  • The Ribhu Gita
  • Puranas, sacred poetry and much more. Over 20 hours
  • Plus the ebook of Steven’s best-seller on world religions Looking for God

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The Theory of Existence & Science of Consciousness course is based on Steven’s popular book by the same name. Theory explains, for the first time, how the whole universe works, how space-time-matter are created and what guides the universe. Seven lectures and copy of Steven’s ebook The Theory of Existence & Science of Consciousness. Lectures include:

  • Absolute Space & consciousness
  • The Life Force Energy and matter
  • The Laws of Magnetism
  • Self Organizing Intelligence
  • The Evolution of consciousness
  • The Human Brain and awareness
  • The Enlightenment of Man
  • Comes with the ebook The Theory of Existence & Science of Consciousness

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