1. Was the Coronavirus planned? What about Event 201? Or the Rockefeller Foundations “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”? Is this part of a political agenda, or even a coup? Is there more to this Plandemic than we are being told?
  2. Who benefits from this pandemic? The ones most active in promoting the potential dangers of this virus, and need for a vaccine for it, are also its biggest beneficiaries: Bill Gates, Dr, Fauci, Big Pharma, and the mainstream news networks who are sponsored by them?
  3. What are the actual deaths from Corona by itself, without comorbidities? Was it, or is it, any worse that other years with other viruses? After adjustments Covid doesn’t seem so bad? Most nations saw very few actual deaths. Why were the reported deaths so exaggerated?
  4. Was the data manipulated or distorted by financial incentives in reporting? Emptied hospitals were given large sums of money for reporting Covid on death certificates, even if it wasn’t the primary cause of death, and doctors were paid even more if respirators were used. Why?
  5. Were the lockdowns really necessary? The data is clear that asymptomatic people are not carriers. The data suggests that forcing people to stay home, miss school, and social distance was both unnecessary (Sweden, other nations, et. al.) so why are we still doing it?
  6. Why the masks? The CDC, NIH, WHO and Surgeon General all at various times stated wearing a mask wasn’t necessary, and that they may be harmful to use and reuse. Many doctors disagree on wearing a mask publicly, so why does this order persist? Is the government over-reaching?
  7. If getting vaccinations annually has not reduced the number of flues each year, and we don’t even know if the ones they are working on now will work, isn’t it premature to suggest that they be required? Especially given the financial incentives behind those pushing the vaccine, and given the toxic ingredients found in vaccines these days (aluminum, mercury, etc.)?
  8. Is getting chipped, the Sign of the Beast? Gates, Google and Musk each have technologies that put a chip inside us to track us, and it’s tie it into 5G and AI. Is this really for our health? Do we really need to be tracked and controlled by others? Is this the world we want to live in?
  9. What’s with the planned rioting? How can Antifa admit to funding and coordinating the rioting and be allowed to do so? Why do we allow destruction of property and for rioters to attack police? Isn’t it clear that these events are professionally planned for political purposes?
  10. George Soros admits to funding Antifa, in the USA and all around the world, why is he not in jail? He has a long history of supporting uprisings and influencing politics both in America and abroad, doesn’t that violate the Logan Act, and isn’t it just wrong? Why is he allowed to do this?
  11. Why are mayors and governors allowing rioting and not allowing the national guard to stop it? Are these riots part of a political move to gain more influence or control? Are we being manipulated so governments can place even more controls and restrictions upon us?
  12. There is amble evidence that long term expose to 5G frequencies can be harmful to human health, so why is this being pushed on us? The Department of Defense has a whole division of our military that works on electronic warfare in this 5G area as well as in mass mind control? How do we know this is safe, being used properly, and not on us? Where is the oversite?
  13. How can child trafficking be such growing problem and yet not be reported in the press? Children are being taken for sexual abuse, for ritual torture, for body parts and even eaten, how come news and politics are not focused on this subject? What happened to the Epstein and Maxwell and the details of what happened on Epstein Island? Why is so much being covered up?
  14. Why are they spraying metals and chemicals in the air? At first it was denied, and now Bill Gates, the CIA and NASA are all singing praises for arial spraying? Why isn’t this being discussed in the news? What are they hiding? Who can we trust?
  15. What about weather modification weapons? Again, the Department of Defense has its own weather weapons, directed energy weapons, and ways to create climate shifts (HAARP), it appears that those weapons might be being used on us, by elements of our government or other governments that also have them, why isn’t this being discussed? We should know.
  16. Where did all the money go? Over a trillion dollars was approved and moved into the pockets of giant corporations, while small business have gone under in record numbers. The government closes down small business and entrepreneurs, while making themselves richer.
  17. Why does the news distort reality so much? Both conservative and liberal stations omit key facts, promote political agendas and outright lie to the viewers are a regular basis. You just can’t believe or count on network news. Where can you get accurate information? We are censored.
  18. Has the Internet been turned into a weapon? We are now being spied on 24/7 with immunity. We are being tested, they are studying our behavior, and learning how to manipulate us through our smart phones and computers. How can we allow this?
  19. Facebook, YouTube, social media, are censoring us, they withholding important information and manipulate our news and perceptions, why? Information is being banned, false information is being given to us, and our very decisions are being molded by people we don’t know. Why?
  20. Why are we being divided? Can you see how the media has divided us and created hate and hysteria? Do you see extremes in loving or hating a political candidate? Our population is polarized, making us easier to manipulate. Can you see how we are being manipulated?


Enquiring minds want to know, Steven S. Sadleir