1. We have the right to come and go as we need and please in public. Anyone scared of getting sick can stay at home, it’s not for government, or anyone else, to tell us where we can or cannot go in public. Quarantining is socialist and against American and Western values, so is being spied on or being tracked without having broken any laws, and this must stop.
  2. If we are not in a public hospital or government building you have no right to tell us to wear a mask, or a badge, or anything else. If someone feels scared of getting a virus then they can wear a mask. There is no science to support wearing a mask outside with asymptomatic people is a public health concern.
  3. Don’t tell us where we can go or who we can or cannot meet with, including places of worship. If any individuals feel they need to socially distance, then they can do so. But that does not give the government the right to say that we can’t have guests or visit other people that we chose to. Moreover, until you can prove scientifically that we need to stop going to restaurants or malls, you have no right to close them down and so negatively impact our economy, education and society. We expressly reject socialism or dictatorial authority over us.
  4. No, you cannot force your vaccinations upon us. Individuals have the right to choose. You cannot prove that they work, and you have no right to put something in our body that may be harmful to us. We are adults and can make adult decisions about how to stay healthy. If we feel we need a vaccination then we can get one. It’s not your choice, it’s ours. Stop trying to force vaccinations, or any medicine, upon us.
  5. Our government, and our constitution, were created to protect our freedoms and rights, not to give a handful of powerful men, and women, the right to control our lives, or impose upon our rights and freedoms for their political or financial gain. Cease and desist from manipulating us.
  6. We will not get tagged or tattooed or chipped for you to track us, not for vaccinations or any other reason. If any individual wants to participate in such a program that is their right, but that doesn’t give the government the right to force us, or compel us through other means.
  7. We are tired of the lies we hear from our government leaders, network news and Internet sources, and the censoring of data we want to review to be able to look at all perspectives and make intelligent choices. We have the right to be told the truth and will be watching more closely now to make sure that elected representatives in government, corporate heads and media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) sources are held accountable for what they say and do. We have awakened. We are standing up.

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May the whole world live in peace, Steven S. Sadleir