What we have learned from the planned pandemic:

First, you can’t trust a billionaire. Not Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk or Jeff Bebos, just like we can’t trust a Rockefeller, a Rothschild or member of a Royal family. All anyone has to do is study history or do their own independent background check, like I have done and am encouraging you to do. Nor can you trust Google or YouTube, which were created DARPA, the US Department of Defense, which created the Internet itself. Behind Facebook is the CIA, as is all social media now. The Internet is a tool to track and control you, so is your smart phone and 5G. It was all planned years ago.

You can’t trust the media either, not the blue side or the red side. Not ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, BBC, Reuters or UPI. We are not getting news, we are getting state sponsored propaganda, and it’s working better than China’s or Russia’s. We are not being informed, be are being brain washed and told what to think and are misinformed. Did you know NBC was founded by Signals intelligence, now NSA, propaganda head General David Sarnoff? CBS founder, William Paley, headed up our psychological warfare? or that the CIA conducts programs with CNN to train recruits, like Anderson Cooper, in propaganda? Fox News founder Roger Ailes is CIA (US Information Agency). Do you know who owns Clear Channel, who owns most of the Radio networks in America? Bain Capital, run my Mitt Romney? Virtually all our mainstream media is deep state propaganda.

You can’t trust your government either. Almost every Senator and Congressman receives millions from corporations who “buy” them. Even our Supreme Court sold us out when they removed the restrictions on how much you can bribe a Congressman or candidate for (Citizens United vs. FEC). The multinational corporations control our governments, they pick our Presidents, and the banking cartel controls them. Controlling the entire world economy is: The World Bank, IMF, Bilderberg and the Mega Funds, like Blackrock, that own the majority of the stock. There is less than 1% of the world population that ultimately controls everything, and only a few manage them.

You can’t trust the CIA, NSA or FBI either: the rank and file yes, not the people on top. There is a long history of subterfuge recounted by Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and now via the Church Committee findings and the Freedom of Information Act, we now know many “conspiracy theories” were not theories but fact. For instance, MK-Altra and Operation Mockingbird have been declassified (although heavily redacted) and are available for you to do your own research. Most people still don’t know the truth about President Kennedy’s assassination or 911 either, but the evidence is there.

You can’t trust the CDC, NIH or WHO, or the medical establishment, for they are all controlled by Big Pharma. The CDC does not do independent research, they are in the business of making vaccines and selling them for a profit. Many members of their board have patients on the drugs they sell and profit by it. Their studies have been proven again and again to be misleading or just bad science. Unsafe drugs, like vaccinations, are routinely pushed through for profit; Our medical system has been co-opted by the Big Pharmaceutical companies whose lobbyist are among the most prolific and powerful in Washington. Their business model is to get us all dependent on their drugs to make a profit. Now they want to put chips in us, to track and control us. Google, Gates, Musk and other’s all have plans to roll this out.

You can’t necessarily trust alternative media either, however, so it’s good to look at all sides. Actual data sources for your own research are still available if you are willing to put in the time, and many great documentaries are online if you are serious about getting to the truth. Don’t trust me either, not that I am untrustworthy, but my conclusion came from years of my own independent study on these subjects, and my work with the federal government and in international banking, and you need to do your own research. That’s the point. Question authority. It is incumbent upon a democracy to question the actions of their government. Here’s the good news. When you stop trusting others, when you stop trusting, your eyes will begin to open and then you will see for yourself, and you will awaken. This is the time for our enlightenment and for US to start making the changes we need to create the world that WE, the people, want to create. May the whole world live in peace.

Steven S. Sadleir, Sai