1. The Theory goes that the One Percent of wealthiest men in the world are working together to create a New World Order with a one World Government that they control, and their stated objective is to reduce the world’s population by over 90 percent in order to make it more sustainable and manageable.
  2. The virus pandemic is historically known to be the most effective at mass termination of lives, and the vaccination programs which Bill Gates, Soros, the Rockefeller Trust, Bilderberg, Club of Rome and the United Nations would be the most effective, according to them. So, vaccinations will help reduce the world population according to Bill Gates and his organizations. There are multiple videos on YouTube you can look up if you find this hard to believe.
  3. In 2018, Bill Gates announces that the world should expend another pandemic any day and we need to be prepared (Google it). A whole marketing campaign is put into place, with expensive Public Relations and advertising, appearances on talk shows, TED talks, etc. This same year the USA goes into an economic war with China, and threatens war with Iran.
  4. Event 201. In October 2019 the Gates Foundation meets in NYC with John Hopkins University, The Center for Health Security, The World Bank and World Economic Forum, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the United Nation for “Event 201” where they discussed how they would respond to a “corona virus pandemic”. They were literally planning out how a pandemic might be launched and how they would respond.
  5. George Soros’ pharmaceutical company WuXi Pharma Tech (AppTec) a viral laboratory, backed by the Gates Foundation, and located at 666 Gaoxin Road, Wuhan (near the Seafood market), in China, was developing vaccines for the Corona Virus, months before it appeared in China.
  6. Coronavirus is made public in December (two months after Event 201), but the information is suppressed until Mid-January. The Chinese then put the gene sequence of this virus on the Internet to be evaluated by scientists around the world, and dozens of labs recognize that these genes have been cut. The virus is man-made in a laboratory. Now China, Russia and other countries and doctors are saying it’s a bio-weapon meant to destroy most of the world’s population. This information, or opinion is, of course, censored in the Western media. Wuhan is in the center of the world’s densest population, so there would be no better place to reduce the most people in one concentrated area, plus Wuhan is an international transportation hub which has helped spread the virus to every capital city in the world.
  7. Now the virus is a pandemic. With emergency power acts being implemented in democratic countries Marshall law either is, or can be, in place, jeopardizing our freedom. There is already heavy censoring of information even as I have been doing this research, and false information is being disseminated to cover up of the truth. My research in this keeps getting blocked, my posts are removed and my broadcasts are now shadow banned. This is unprecedented in American history. The billions which are being allocated are going mostly to the pharmaceutical companies (to create another product they profit from), who are already one of the most powerful lobbies in America, and those on top, the 1%, are all getting richer and more powerful. The people who control the world control the media, and thus the narrative. Each of us needs to start questioning what’s going on, we need to wake up. Knowing what is going on could save your life, or even save the world. May the whole world live in peace, Steven