If you were crazy, you might think: That there were a very small group of wealthy families that control the world, use the media as a form of mind control, and want to eliminate most of the world population. You might think that the Internet was created by the US Department of Defense (DARPA) for the purposes of being able to track and control the masses of humanity 24/7 for their own purposes. And that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and the other giants were all in on it too.

If you were a little nuts, you might also think that cell phones are being used by intelligence agencies to monitor and control your mind and habits, and draw a conclusion from reading unclassified CIA documents on MK-Altra that they can also turn people into brain dead zombies, control their thoughts and behaviors and even kill people using directed microwave frequencies, like 5G. Someone paranoid might even believe that hidden microphones and lens’ are built into your smart phones and digital devices so you can be spied upon, and that in fact, thousands of people are actually working for the government(s) to monitor all the exchanges of information flowing through everyone over the Web.

Anyone off the deep end might also think that humans are being killed by this same elite by putting the most carcinogenic substances known to man, such as glyphosate (GMO), in most of the food we eat or beverages we drink. Someone this crazy, might also begin to believe that the nano aluminum and other toxic substances being sprayed by air force jets over our populated centers are harming humans and other life forms, and that the fluoride added to our municipal water supplies are being used to numb or dumb down our society so they become complacent and controllable. Worse yet, crazy people might begin to believe that the mercury and aluminum and other toxins in vaccinations were being used to kill off the population, or that the opioid drug epidemic was actually manufactured to destroy our society.

Of course, once someone becomes this crazy, they might also begin to believe that all the mainstream media is corporate propaganda, that much of the news is a lie and people are being deceived, and this was all part of a coordinated mind control attack on the population to subdue them/us. Such insanity might lead one to beliefs like this same elite would like to reduce, or eliminate, the population to as little as 10 percent of the current population (as reported) and are planning to destroy the majority of the world population through another world war, weather modification and spreading fatal disease through immunizations.

Be careful, these are dangerous thoughts. If you think about this too much you might to crazy.

Blessings, may the whole world live in peace, Steven S. Sadleir